RoNA Award shortlisting for A Convenient Marriage

Cover showing brown henna patterned hands, making a heart shape

As you know, I write women’s fiction under the name Jeevani Charika. I’ve talked before about A Convenient Marriage and how it was the book of my heart (we all have one of those stories that we love a little bit more than the others). I’m over the moon to tell you that it’s been shortlisted for a RoNA award (Contemporary Romance category).

The RoNAs are the UK Romantic Novelists Association’s annual awards. Sort of like the RWAs, RITA awards, but smaller and hopefully less problematic. (The books are judged by readers who are not members of the RNA, which is a good start).

As if weren’t enough to be shortlisted, just LOOK at who’s on the list with me! Sophie Kinsella! Carole Matthews! I’m honoured to be able to sit alongside Sunday Times Bestsellers and Queens of the genre. Sue Moorcroft did the NWS critique for A Convenient Marriage over ten years ago. So, yeah. Wow.

We won’t know who’s won until March 2nd, but the confidence boost of making it onto the list is wonderful. I have been on a shortlist before – Girl Having A Ball was on the rom com category shortlist in 2017. So I’ve now had a shortlisting under both names.

Wish me luck!

PS: If you haven’t read A Convenient Marriage yet, it’s still only 99p (ebook only, at the moment, there’s no paperback yet).

Christmas For Commitmentphobes is out now!

Book cover Christmas For Commitmentphobes. SE Asian girl with snowy festive background

As if one book wasn’t enough, I’ve got a second book out just in time for Christmas. This one is a shorter read (but still a full story). It seems 2019 is my year of releasing LGBTQ+ romances. Christmas for Commitmentphobes and A Convenient Marriage were written many years apart and released under two different pen names, but it seems that now is the time to release books about BAME people who are queer.

Book cover - Asian girl in front of snowy Christmas scene

At Christmastime, the last thing you need is more commitments.

Lara needs to give her full attention to her haulage logistics company (Haulistic Solutions). Tilly can’t wait to go travelling again. Neither of them is ready for a relationship. But when they end up stranded in a village in Yorkshire, the attraction is undeniable.

A holiday romance is all well and good, but what happens when they have to go their separate ways again?

Cover Reveal: This Stolen Life

My alter ego Jeevani Charika has a book coming out on the 8th of May. It’s a story about motherhood, student life and the secrets we hide from the people we love. It will be published by Hera books.

Here’s the cover and the blurb. 🙂

Book cover for This Stolen Life by Jeevani Charika. Asian woman smiling with book title text.

Would you tell the truth, if it meant losing your one true love?

Soma is a shy young woman adrift in a strange new country. After moving from Sri Lanka to Yorkshire to become a nanny to baby Louis, Soma tries to settle into life in the U.K., even if every day presents her with a new challenge, from trying new food or getting to grips with the language. 

But the one thing Soma never counted on was falling in love. When she meets Sahan, a Sri Lankan student at the local university, the two feel an instant attraction. Meeting in secret so that Sahan can teach Soma English, their friendship quickly blooms into something more. But their differing backgrounds – Soma is from poverty, while Sahan is the son of a wealthy family and cousin to Soma’s employer – means they have to hide their love from the world. 

While they bare their souls to each other, Sahan has no idea that Soma is hiding a huge secret from him – but as her lies come crashing down, Soma is faced with an impossible choice. Should she tell the truth – even if means losing Sahan?

A moving, unique and utterly engrossing love story about how well we really know the person we fall in love with – fans of Amanda Prowse, Jojo Moyes and Diane Chamberlain will be captivated.

Preorder it now for 99p

Christmas At The Palace – now in paperback. With sparkles


Christmas At The Palace is out in paperback! If you see it a shop (Hopefully, you’ll spot it in Asda…) please take a photo! I’d love to see the book out in the wild.

In case you were wondering what it’s about (it’s not like I’ve been going on about it for months, right?) -A British- SriLankan doctor falls in love with a Prince, which is brilliant, until she realises that she has to give up the job that she loves. Oh, and everyone isn’t keen on someone non-white joining the royal family.  The book follows their romance (which first came out as A Royal Wedding), up to their first Christmas as Sandringham.

It’s the first book that has come out under my real name – and it’s SO STRANGE seeing my actual name on a book cover.

I shall head out in a minute to go buy the traditional book release day treat of a pot of ice cream and some Lego.

I’m so excited!

[If you bought A Royal Wedding in ebook and are having trouble updating it to get Christmas At The Palace – I know there are some issues. The publisher (Bonnier) are working on it!]

Book review: My Best Friend’s Girl by Dorothy Koomson

My Best Friend's GirlMy Best Friend’s Girl by Dorothy Koomson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve been meaning to read a Dorothy Koomson book for a while – people keep recommending them to me.

My Best Friend’s Girl is about Kamryn, who is asked by her best friend Adele to adopt her (Adele’s) little girl Tegan when she dies. Adele betrayed Kamryn in a pretty major way, so Kamryn has to forgive Adele and come to terms with the fact that Adele is dying all in a mad rush.

This is a book about trust and betrayal and grief. Kamryn grieves for her lost friend, her lost love, her lost future and all the while learning to be a mum to a little girl who is also grieving. Somewhere in amougst all that, she has to work out her feelings for Nate (Kamryn’s ex) and Luke (the new boyfriend and de facto Dad as far as Tegan’s concerned). To say her feelings are complicated would be an understatement.

I really enjoyed this book. It was emotionally satisfying read and I felt a little bruised when I emerged from it (in a good way). I’ll definitely read more by Dorothy Koomson.

Buy links*:
UK: My Best Friend’s Girl

US: My Best Friend’s Girl

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A ROYAL WEDDING – zooming up the charts

A ROYAL WEDDING by m’alter ego Jeevani Charika is zipping up the charts at the moment. It’s #1079 in the overall Kindle chart in the US (which, given how many bazillions of books are on Amazon US, is pretty cool).

both cover side by side

AND it’s still a #1 bestseller in Weddings in Amazon UK!

I’m a very happy author!

If you read the book (thank you, thank you, thank you), please leave a review. It makes a huge difference to know what you thought (even if it’s a one-liner).

If you haven’t read it here are the links to find it. It’s 99p/99c on most sites this week.

USA Amazon site link.

And for everywhere else:



A Royal Wedding is 99p in the UK today

The heading says it all, really.  A Royal Wedding is currently 99p in the UK.

Since this would looks like a really short post now, here are some extracts from reviews.

A Royal Wedding UK coverI was blown away. Such strong characters, and such a marvellously weaved story. It’s unpredictable, real, deep, and relatable.”  5 stars – Amazon review

It’s a beautifully written fairytale romance where a Prince meets an ordinary doctor from Leeds, a daughter of Sri Lankan immigrants, and falls in love, but it’s so much more than that.” 5 stars – Review on Goodreads
The perfect book to curl up on the sofa with!”  5 stars – Amazon review

Hope the sun is shining where you are!

Here’s the buy link again.


A Royal Wedding – all of the links

Some people have been having trouble with the US Amazon link to A Royal Wedding – with it coming up as unavailable. I’m not sure why this is, but if you did have trouble, here are the direct links to all the big Amazon and Kobo stores.

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon CA:

Amazon AU:


Kobo UK:

Kobo US:

Kobo CA:

Kobo AU:

And here are the lovely covers, ’cause you wanted to see them again, right?

both cover side by side

A Royal Wedding – why have two covers?

Just a week to go before A Royal Wedding is released… and here are the covers:

both cover side by side

Aren’t they beautiful!

Someone on my newsletter list asked why I have two covers. (Why yes, the newsletter subscribers get to hear stuff first; you should sign up!) The reason is that different markets tend to have different styles that do well. In the UK, where ‘chick lit’ is a popular subgenre of contemporary romance, cartoon/ graphics covers do well. So the cover on the left is the UK cover. In the US, where this book would be contemporary romance, rather than chick lit, photographic covers do well. I think both covers are gorgeous and completely in keeping with other covers in the lists.

As an interesting aside, the US definition of romance is much tighter than the UK one. Here in the UK my books fall squarely into the contemporary romance bracket, with some of them falling into ‘romantic comedy’ as well, because of the jokes.

In the US I’m told, my books are not really contemporary romance – because the story isn’t focussed completely on the romance, there’s other stuff going on as well (in A Royal Wedding, there’s a lot of discussion about race and identity of people whose parents were immigrants, but they themselves are not actually migrants). Technically, in the US, my books would be ‘Novels with Strong Romantic Elements’… which is a RITA category, but not a category on Amazon.

If you’re interested, you can pre-order A Royal Wedding now!

For Kobo try this link: